.    For over 30 years Doug Robinson has had a diverse career of touring and session work as a vocalist, bassist, guitarist and recording producer/engineer with many world music, folk, country, pop, jazz  and blues artists.

.....A resident of Central New York's beautiful Fingerlakes Region, Doug is well known as a gifted musician who can put together small or large ensembles to perform a wide variety of musical styles.

     Some Examples  (click to see the other people involved and hear music samples):

•   Solo Jazz  -  Voice and Guitar  -View video


  Classic Jazz with  Johnny Russo
•   Elegant World Music with  The MAQ
 Gypsy Swing with the "Djug Django  band
  Beautiful Latin music with  Sally Ramirez and "Crimson"
•  Original Americana folk-rock with the Burns & Kristy Band
  Latin dance music with  The Caribe Jazz All-Stars
  Jazz /Swing duo with Clarinetist  Brian Earle
  Saxophone-Guitar duo with  Jesse Bennett


  Violin-Guitar Duo with  Eric Aceto
  Brazilian Samba, Pop, and Bossa Nova
  Jazz Piano Trio with  Molly MacMillan
  'Acoustic Ensemble'  with  Scott B. Adams




                                     Other Activities:

Narration and Voiceovers


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