Music Instruction
with Doug Robinson


The Watershed Arts Studio offers instruction in jazz guitar, bass, performance, and recording technology with Doug Robinson. 

For guitar students Doug offers instruction in music theory, ear training, chart writing and reading, swing, jazz or blues chording and improvisation (fingerstyle or plectrum), as well as studies of Brazilian choro, samba and bossnova guitar patterns.

Electric bass students usually study sightreading, music theory, chart writing and reading, groove scholarship and history, ear training, jazz walking bass lines and improvisation.

A third unique category of students are those who seek performance coaching.
These students are usually adults who have already studied the fundamentals of guitar or singing or both, and who wish to take the leap into the world of professional performance. These special students spend time honing their performances and receive instruction in ear training, chart reading and writing, effective communication with more experienced musicians, "jamming", and "sitting in", as well as the business of music, self-promotion, the fundamentals of recording, and "walking the walk".

With a sophisticated home recording studio always accessible, students frequently make recordings under Doug's expert supervision. These recordings are used for self-evaluation purposes or just for fun. .In some cases where a student has shown a high level of committment and talent, .Doug will produce a full-fledged professional demo with them, as he did for his former student Minden Jones.

Doug receives frequent referrals from other area music teachers, especially from the renowned voice teacher Marty Heresniak, a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, or NATS. .Marty, one of the most highly regarded voice teachers in the region, always knows when his students are ready for performance coaching from Doug.

All students receive instruction with an emphasis on "real world" performing skills and professional work values.

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