The MAQ is a quartet made up of four long-time musical colleagues - 
Eric Aceto, Harry Aceto, Chad Lieberman and Doug Robinson. 
They perform a wide-ranging repertoire of American, European and South American gems
and have a sound that is subtle, natural, exciting and unique. 
Sometimes joined by a percussionist or two, The MAQ's performances are a thing of beauty.


                                                                Chad Lieberman



Eric Aceto                                                             


Doug Robinson                                          
                                            Harry Aceto      



Tchavolo Swing  (Dorado Schmitt)

Corcovado  (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

Brigas Nunca Mais   (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

.................Correnteza   (Antonio Carlos Jobim)

...............In My Life   (Lennon, McCartney)

Perdido de Amor   (Luis Bonfá)




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