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              Doug Robinson........................................


An Historic Collection of
Johnny Russo's Best Original Songs,
Recorded from 1984 - 2007

Track List:

1.     Blue Bird From the Sky   (2005)     mp3
2.     I Hear a New Samba    (2007)     mp3
3.     For You and Me    (2005)
4.     We’re ‘Wa Copenhagen Bound’   (1998)
5.     L’Amour, C’est La Vie, Tous Les Jours  (2005)
6.     College Ave Strut      (2007)   mp3
7.     Hip Hop Hop Hip    (2007)
8.     Only Just a Dream    (1984)  
9.     Stuck On The High Note    (2005)   mp3
10.   That Girl, ‘Like the One of Mine’   (1998)
11.   Melody, Poetry For a Song    (2005)
12.   Je Penser Vous (I Think of You)   (2007)
13.   Movin’ On     (1984)    mp3
14.   Ithaca Our Home   (2001)    mp3
15.   Princess Lament   (2001)
16.   Tiganigovia (The Mystery of
...............                . Taughannock Falls) (2007)

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(Ithaca Journal, 12/07)

    "I Have Dreamed" represents a half-century of evolution in the musical life of the creatively gifted Johnny Russo. .Assisted by Doug Robinson, London McDaniels, Sally Ramirez and others, this remarkable album leaves no question as to why Johnny's "East Hill Classic Jazz Group" .has flourished for three decades in the Ithaca community, the Greater Fingerlakes Region, and select Manhattan venues.

      Requiring one full year to compose, arrange, record and produce, this album is, for Johnny, the culmination of fifty years of learning, growth, and development.

"An intriguing collection ... Russo wears his love for Ithaca on
his sleeve in 'College Ave Strut' ... in 'Satch and Django's Day' Robinsons's wonderful Reinhardt gypsy guitar runs dance
magically with Russo's golden trumpet tribute to Armstrong."
 - Syracuse Post Standard

     Track List:

      1.  I Hear a New Samba .4:33...mp3
      2.  College Ave Strut .. 4:26 ....mp3
      3.  Hip Hop Hop Hip 3:23
      4.  I Have Dreamed   4:19    mp3
      5.  Je Penser Vous (I Think of You) 9:24
      6.  C'est Magnifique .. 4:56
      7.  Getting to Know You .. 4:27 ...mp3
      8.  In Satch and Django's Day .. 5:26   mp3
      9.  Tiganigovia (the Mystery of Taughannock Falls) . 4:38
     10. Eight Simple Notes . 7:46
     11. Western Civilization .. (Russo/McDaniels, BMI) 4:36


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Produced by Doug Robinson .
except Track 9, "Tiganigovia" and Track 11, "Western Civilization" - produced by Johnny Russo

Recorded October 2006 - July 2007,
Watershed Arts Studios, Ithaca NY
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Doug Robinson
Musical Arrangements by Johnny Russo,  
Doug Robinson  &  London McDaniels
Cover illustration by Melissa Chiotti

Johnny Russo ...... .  Vocals / Trumpets / Trombones / Percussion
Doug Robinson ..... Guitars / Elec. Bass / Upright Bass / Percussion
................................                       Co-lead vocal on Tr. 5 / Backing vocals on Tr. 1

London McDaniels ..Lead Vocal on Tr. 9 / Backing vocal on Tr. 2 /
............................................................           Guitar solos on Trs. 2 & 10

Sally Ramirez          Lead Vocal on Tr. 1 ........
Drew Frech ............. .Tenor Banjo
Brian Earle
...... .........Clarinet .........
Mike Wellen ......... .. Snare w/ Brushes on Tr. 8

Brian Earle
Sally Ramirez
Drew Frech
Mike Wellen

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"Bluebird From
The Sky"

With a special appearance by award-winning guitarist
Mike.Dowling,..a longtime pro and Nashville songwriting verteran who took time out from his busy schedule to lay down the sweetest Dobro sounds on tracks 2 & 3...
Special appearances also by tenor banjo virtuoso
Drew Frech and promising vocalist Minden Jones.


"Best Jazz CD" & "Best Male Vocalist"

Ithaca Journal 12/29/05

"Defy's labeling...It's about their uncompromising desire to produce
excellent music"  -
Syracuse Jazz Appreciation Society

."They have an almost telepathic relationship in the studio..- Ithaca Journal..

"A remarkable musical achievement."  - Ithaca Times

."Packs a big punch...they soak their original songs in the. tradition that
made great big-band songs eternal."-
Syracuse Post Standard...

....."They totally sell it...no 'American Idol' overkill here."..- Fingerlakes Times...

Produced by Doug Robinson

Recorded 2005, Watershed Arts Studios, .Ithaca NY
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Doug Robinson
All Musical Arrangements by Johnny Russo/Doug Robinson

Johnny Russo ... Vocals/Trumpet/Trombone
Doug Robinson .. Guitar/ Basses/Percussion
Mike Dowling ... Special Guest Guitarist
Drew Frech ...... Tenor Banjo
Minden Jones ... Special Guest Vocalist (Track 1)

... "Bluebird From the Sky". is the ultimate aural documentation of the long musical collaboration between Doug Robinson and Johnny Russo, and is without a doubt their finest album to date. Represented here are songs from the Golden Age of American Popular Music as well as originals in that same tradition. Listening to this recording there will be no mystery as to why this unique band has survived so long, given so much joy to so many, young and old, for so many years.

Track list:

1. For You and Me (Russo/Robinson, BMI)   3:17 ... mp3
2. Bluebird From the Sky (Russo/Robinson, BMI) 4:19 ... mp3
3. Just One Of Those Things (Cole Porter, ASCAP) 4:38 ... mp3
4. L'Amour, CLV, TLJ (Russo/Robinson, BMI) 5:02 ...mp3
5. Stuck On The High Note (Russo/Robinson, BMI) 4:01 ... mp3
6. Who Can I Turn To (Bricusse/Newley ASCAP) 4:02
7. Fifties Medley : (All ASCAP) 10:26
.......- It's All In The Game (Dawes/Sigman)
.......- Deep Purple (Derose/Parish)
.......- Twilight Time (Ram/Nevins/Nevins)
.......- Only You (Ram/Rand)
8. .How Doug and I Play The Blues (Russo/Robinson, BMI) 6:19
9. .Melody, Poetry For A Song (Russo/Robinson, BMI) 4:30
10. Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen (S.Foster) 4:21
11..Princess Lament (Revisited) (Russo, BMI) 4:31


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Mike Dowling
Minden Jones

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.."Ithaca Our Home" ..

Winner of the Ithaca Journal's "Jimmie Award"
for Best Jazz Album

"Ithaca Our Home" is the first CD by Johnny and Doug to be recorded
at the Watershed Arts studio. The thirteen tracks include 4 originals
and many Classic Jazz favorites.


"We love your new CD!!".- Leo Rayhill, WCNY Public Radio, Syracuse NY

"Ithaca Our Home is one of the most interesting new CDs to come along in
some time...I hear two skilled artists exercising a good deal of freedom and having a ball doing so...Using [multi-track recording] techniques Johnny and Doug combine five or six instruments to produce an intimate chamber music
of the first order."
..- Pat Carroll, Editor, JazFax magazine, Syracuse NY.

"An impresssive timeless collection of American popular music"
- Jim Catalano, Ithaca Journal

"An eminently listenable album"  - Mike Brutvan, Ithaca Times, Ithaca NY

Track list:

1. Lot of Living To Do (3:21)..mp3
2. Ithaca Our Home (2:30)   mp3
3. Princess Lament (4:31)
4. La Vie En Rose (3:47).. mp3
5. Stardust (4:46)
6. 'Pal Joey' Medley: (6:04)

....- Bewitched
....- I Could Write a Book
....- The Lady is a Tramp

7. .Mood Indigo (3:50)
8. .Soldier Boy (2:28)
9. .The Way You Look Tonight (2:47)
10. Up a Lazy River (3:10) ..mp3
11. All the Way (4:22)
12. That Girl Like the One of Mine (2:29)
13. Wa Copenhagen Bound (3:23)

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"BROADWAY", the award-winning CD by the East Hill Classic Jazz Band


Johnny Russo (Leader)
  Vocals:   All tracks except 5, 9 &14;  
  Piano:  Tracks 7, 9, 12 &14;
  Trumpet and/or Trombone:   All tracks except 2 & 5
Doug Robinson
  Vocals: Tracks 1, 2, 5 &13 ;   Guitars: All tracks;  
   Electric or Upright Bass:   All tracks.
   Drums and Percussion: Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8,10,11&13
Brian Earle
   Vocals: Tracks 1 & 2;   Clarinet:  Tracks 1,2 & 5
London McDaniels
   Vocals: Tracks 1 & 15;   Rhythm Guitar & Guitar Solo:  Trk 1
Steve Brown
    Backing Guitar & Guitar Solo:   Track 3
Mike Dowling
    Backing Dobro & Dobro Solo:   Track 4
Ray Hellmer
    Drums: Tracks 7, 9, 12, & 14
Drew Frech
    Rhythm Banjo:   Track 4

Produced by Doug Robinson
Arrangements by Johnny Russo and Doug Robinson

Track List:

1.   Swingin’ the Broadway Blues   3:23     LISTEN    (Russo original)
2.   You’d Be So Easy to Love   3:19   LISTEN  (Cole Porter from "Anything Goes")
3.   Let’s Do It Let’s Fall in Love 4:10    LISTEN  (Cole Porter from "Paris"
4.   Just One of Those Things   4:36   LISTEN  (Cole Porter from "Jubilee")
5.   All the Things You Are    3:20    LISTEN   (Kern/Hammerstein ,
from “Very Warm for May")
6.   Getting to Know You   4:27   (Rodgers /Hammerstein from "The King and I")    
7.   Cabaret   2:49       LISTEN (Kander/Webb from “Cabaret”)
8.   “Pal Joey” Medley    6:05     LISTEN   (Rodgers/Hart 1940, from “Pal Joey”)
9.   Night and Day   3:13   (Cole Porter, from “The Gay Divorce”)
10. I Have Dreamed   4:19  LISTEN  (Rodgers/Hammerstein from “The King and I”)
11. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)   4:02
                                            (from “The Roar of the Greasepaint–The Smell of the Crowd”)

12. Hello Dolly!    2:38    (Jerry Herman 1963, from “Hello Dolly!”)
13. Lot of Livin’ to Do    3:21   LISTEN ..(Adams/Strouse from “Bye Bye Birdie”)
14. The Man I Love    2:36    (Gershwin/Gershwin from “Lady Be Good”)
15. Broadway Safari      2:23    (Russo/McDaniels, 2015)


A note from the Producer:

This CD is a collection of some of our favorite Broadway
Show Tunes. Several of the cuts were recorded earlier in the
band’s 30-year history and several were recorded this year
especially for this CD. This collection of songs is a fitting
tribute to the music we love and to the 30 years that
Johnny Russo, Doug Robinson and Brian Earle have worked
together in the East Hill Classic Jazz Band under
Johnny’s masterful direction.

 - Doug Robinson, 2015



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