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Djug Django L to R:.. Dave Davies, Harry Aceto, Bernie Upson, Doug Robinson, Brian Earle, Eric Aceto
at the Aurora Inn Wine & Jazz Festival, September 2005
;   photo: Susan Earle



Eric Aceto

Brian Earle


                   Bernie Upson



Part of the band at the Hurricane relief benefit at Castaways        
in Ithaca NY,  October 23rd 2005        
L to R: Bernie Upson, Eric Aceto, Dave Davies, Brian Earle, Harry Aceto       ...
(photo: Doug Robinson)



Djug Django at Micawbers in Ithaca, May, 2006
L to R: Eric Aceto, violin; Jim Sherpa, washtub bass; Doug Robinson, guitar;
Dave Davies, guitar; Harry Aceto, guitar; Brian Earle, clarinet...(photo: Marty Heresniak)


Djug Django fires up with guest artists Leah Bentley on vocals,
Molly MacMillan (back to camera) on piano,
and Dave Davies switching to trombone...(photo: Marty Heresniak)



Djug Django at Ithaca's Museum of the Earth, April 2007
L to R: Doug Robinson (guitar, vocals), Harry Aceto (guitar), Jim Sherpa (tub bass)
Dave Davies (guitar, trombone, high-hat and vocals), Brian Earle (clarinet)
and Eric Aceto (violin)


ABOVE: The Djug Django band suited up, November 2007
L to R: Eric Aceto (violin), Brian Earle (clarinet), Doug Robinson (vocals, guitar),
Jim Sherpa (tub bass), Dave Davies (vocals, trombone, guitar),
and Chad Lieberman (accordion, piano)


ABOVE: Another fun evening at the Lost Dog Lounge in Ithaca 2008


ABOVE:  Djug Django at the Lost Dog with Diana Leigh and other guests2008  (photo by Marcia Rutledge)


The Djug Django band backing up singers Miché Fambro (front, in tux), Wayne Gottlieb
and Diana Leigh at the 2009 Xmas Show at Oasis


The boys on fire at an outdoor concert,  July 2010  (photos:  Heather Dunbar)


Performing for the Corning Museum of Glass, January 2011.   L to R:  Eric Aceto, Brian Earle, Al Hartland,
Harry Aceto, Doug Robinson, Jim Sherpa, and Dave Davies.    
Chad Lieberman, who would normally be sitting between Eric and Brian,  took the photo.

Djug Django performing at the Kitchen Theater in Ithaca in December 2013. If you look closely you'll see that Al is wearing a Bowler!