The Djug Django Official
Guest Musician Sit-In Policy

As every Djug Django fan knows,  the band frequently invites guest
musicians to sit in during the weekly shows in Ithaca.

Guest musicians have been a part of the Djug Django show for many years.
Rather than being an "Open Mic",  we prefer a more controlled and organized situation.

Here are the band's recommendations and suggestions:

- Contacting a band member in advance of the show, especially the band member whose instrument you wish to commandeer,  is a great idea and will win you giant brownie points with Djug Django.  If you don't know who to contact try .

-  Unless specifically invited by the band to play longer, prospective guest musicians should limit their appearance to one or two songs.

- Importantly, guest musicians should remember that when they sit in they may be displacing a Djug Django band member who has paid serious dues or large amounts of cash for the priviledge of playing with the band.

-  Equally important, prospective guest musicians should fully realize and accept that they may not be called to play even if they have driven a long distance to do so or even if they have expressed a strong desire to do so or even if their girlfriend/boyfriend is demanding that they do so or even if certain audience members are demanding that they do so.   Connected to this 'realization and acceptance' is the understanding that sitting in with Djug Django is not an entitlement and that selection of guest musicians is done at the band's perogative which may change week-to-week depending on circumstances, whim, simple forgetfullness  and, occasionally, on the performer's skill level, attitude, or hygene.  This also means that displays of irritation or hurt feelings are likely to remind the band members of their first wives and will most likely get you nowhere.



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