About Watershed Arts


Watershed Arts is an internet marketing company
devoted to independent artists.

In addition to our family of websites we dabble in concert
promotion and operate our own independent record label.

Watershed Arts was created in Santa Cruz, California, in 1996 by
Doug Robinson, at the time Martin Simpson's bass player, as a way
to promote and sell Martin's large catalog of music-related stuff.

Watershed Arts is now run from Doug's office in Ithaca, New York,
in the heart of the dairy, wine and marijuana-producing area of the state.
Our location in Central New York gets its name, the 'Finger Lakes Region',
from the large number of long, slender lakes which cover the terrain.
We're an hour's drive south of Syracuse and about 4 hours
northwest of New York City.

Our mission: to make the Watershed Arts website a place where
people can go to find high quality work by many different kinds of
exceptional-but-under-appreciated artistsans.
We are a small operation, small enough to correspond
with all of our customers personally.

You can reach us by


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