Al Hartland     



In a career spanning 40+ years,  Al Hartland has played drums with big names and small and just about everybody in the Ithaca region.  His ability to play any style and his "simpatico" with singers and dancers have made him a highly sought-after musical asset.

Al started playing at age 16 and is entirely self-taught.  His father was a professional musician so jazz standards, classical and ethnic music were early influences.  As a teenager, rock and soul from American Bandstand became his inspiration and Al began to play along with records by Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett,  James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Ahmed Jamal, Stan Kenton and others.

As Bobby Comstock's drummer Al backed up acts at Madison Square Garden in the Richard Nader Rock Revival Shows.  He played for all of the groups that were his early inspiration:   Chuck Berry, 
Bo Diddley,  the Coasters,  the Drifters, the Belmonts,  the Angels,  the Spaniels,  the Orioles,  Gary U.S. Bonds, the Shirelles, Freddie Cannon, Bobby Lewis,  and on and on.

The list of the regional and national artists Al has played for and/or recorded with is very long.  It includes Tony Trishka,  Russ Barenburg,  John Slate,  Molly MacMillan,  London McDaniel,  Hot Sweets,  Rising Sign,  Walt Amey and the Hepcats, Christopher Woitach,  Desperado,  Suzanne Knight,  Diana Leigh,  the Burns Sisters Band,  Larry Coryell,  John Scofield,  Chad McLoughlin,  Bernie Milton,  David Borden,  Sally Ramirez,  Joe Salzano,  Peggy Haine,  Steve Southworth,  The Destination,  Dave Arnay,  David Torn,  Dino Losito,  Billy Eli,  Heather Moran,  Dawn Gray,  Ellen Macillwain,  Miche Fambro,  Djug Django and many many many more.

And as if that wasn't enough,  Al is a chef and makes the best pizza in the world!




"Fantail" (w/ the Burns sisters) 1977
Annie Burns and the Rain,  1991
In the Studio
With Djug Django 2009